Awesome! App

The Awesome! App allows you to do lots of fun things.....

Notifications Screen


No need to sleep in a doorway to be the first to get your hands on our new products!! Our app sends push notifications when the products are available to buy for you to read about at your leisure giving you the chance to beat the queues!


Trending allows you to see real people experiencing and enjoying our products. It also gives you the opportunity to share your own experiences with our community.

Trending Screen

Catalogue Screen


Catalogue lists our current product range available with the ability for you to buy the product or share it with those close to you directly on your social media profile.


Does the company you work for make something Awesome! If it does you can use the propose feature of the app to send it in for us to see and possible share with our community.

Propose Screen

Help Screen


We all need help with different things so if you do need help with something the Help section of the app will allow you to connect directly with our team.


Our settings page allows you to personalise the app so you get the most from the app and engaging with our brand.

Settings Screen